What to Expect

psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The majority of my practice is reserved for individuals interested in long-term, in-depth psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy focuses on increasing self understanding and deepening insight into emotional issues and conflicts. It is rooted in psychoanalytic theory, which places an emphasis on the unconscious, how your early experiences affect you today, and the relationship between therapist and client.

Sometimes people have tried therapy before, and while it worked for a while, the results didn't last. Maybe the same patterns keep coming up or the coping skills you have aren't working as well as they used to. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can provide a deeper understanding of yourself and a fuller sense of healing.

What does that look like in practice? You'll come in and talk about what's on your mind. I prioritize talking about our relationship as a way to understand how you relate to others. There won't be lots of worksheets or homework. I listen carefully to your story and help you make sense of your life.

I meet with my clients a minimum of once per week. Meeting regularly and frequently helps us get to know one another and also allows you greater space to explore your internal world.

writing consultation

I offer short-term psychotherapy for people struggling with writing. Having worked in academic publishing for over ten years, I’m well-versed in what is required to write academic papers (including dissertations), book proposals, book manuscripts, and journal articles. I especially enjoy working with authors experiencing writer’s block as well as graduate students and early-career scholars.

This type of psychotherapy generally lasts for a few sessions to several months depending on the writing project. We may meet as frequently as once per week or as infrequently as once per month.


I specialize in providing a safer and affirming space for individuals from marginalized groups, including people of color (BIPOC), undocumented individuals, and the LGBTQ, poly, and kink communities. While I often use a psychoanalytic lens, I incorporate intersectional feminist theory and practice into my work with clients.

As a therapist, I've worked with a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship struggles, PTSD/trauma, and more severe and persistent mental illness. I also have extensive experience working with people in academia and am sensitive to their unique concerns.

Fees & Payment

My full fee for individual psychotherapy is $150 per session. I also offer a significant sliding scale based on income ranging starting at $50. Payments are expected at the beginning of each session. I accept cash or checks. I currently do not take insurance. However, I am able to provide a detailed invoice for your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account. For more information on insurance, please see the FAQ page.